• Security - Using chip and PIN technology to protect against unauthorized transactions.
  • Personalization - MasterCard for Business cards can be personalized with a unique identifier to meet the needs of the organization.
  • The validity period is 3 years
  • Accessibility - Provides 24-hour access to funds via all international channels (ATM, EFTPOS and WEB).
  • Security
  • Eliminates the risks and inconvenience of handling cash.
  • Rechargeable
  • MasterCard cards are reloadable based on applicable limits determined by the organization when previously loaded funds are depleted.


  • Monitor card transactions, make payments and transfer funds online 24/7 via GTBank's automated payment system (GAPs).
  • Expense Control Tool: The MasterCard is an effective tool for controlling administrative expenses related to the day-to-day running costs of organizations.
  • Account Reconciliation: Access to statements online and via email in a variety of formats.
  • Fraud Detection Tool: An advanced technology application that monitors all of the organization's card transactions based on implemented rules to report suspicious or fraudulent transactions resulting from lost, stolen or compromised cards. It allows a card to be blocked or restricted as soon as a suspicious card transaction is reported by the application.

Conditions requises

  • Letter of request signed by 2 directors or authorized signatories (indicating the name of the card (21 characters maximum) and the location of the card withdrawal)
  • Completed Mastercard for Business application form

Transaction limits

  • ATM withdrawals
  • Payment on TPE
  • Web (online)
  • Monthly maintenance fee: xxx