What's in it for you

24/7 banking services through our various electronic channels.
Interest rate of 3.5% per annum and an additional 1% bonus for clients who maintain a standing order to deposit for one year.

How GT Target works

  • GT Target is a blocked savings account and can be opened through Internet Banking.
  • Mandatory minimum standing order of 5000 FCFA.
  • Deposits to the account may be daily, quarterly, semi-annually and annually, with no standing order restrictions.
  • Current interest rate on savings payable every 6 months provided monthly savings are regular (client will lose interest rate if withdrawals are made before 6 months)
  • Additional interest rate of 1% if constant monthly savings are maintained for 12 months.
  • Customers can make transfers from their account (current or savings) to their GT Target account.

How to open your GT Target account

  • Connect to Internet Banking
  • Select GT Target from the "Account" menu.
  • Select an appropriate standing order amount and indicate the preferred savings option (i.e. monthly, quarterly or semi-annually).
  • Opens only online