Benefits of GeNS

  • Clients have up-to-date information on their accounts at all times.
  • Provides convenience and easy account tracking.
  • Better financial management.
  • Effective fraud alert for unauthorized transactions on the customer's account.
  • Saves the time and energy needed to make calls or visits to the bank.
  • Payments made by distributors can be certified even without a deposit slip.
  • Reduced time spent confirming customer payments.
  • Reduce the traffic in your premises.
  • Improves transparency between the bank and its customers.
  • No more logging on to the website or waiting for printed activity reports to find out about new deposits.

You will be informed by :

  • e-mail,
  • SMS

You will be informed of the following transactions:

  • Dépôts
  • Retraits
  • Virements
  • Paiements de salaires